Alberta Bloom

In these unprecedented times, the BLOOM Study halted operations between March and August 2020. As of September 2020, we have resumed the enrolment and follow-up of ‘BLOOM babies’, following the guidelines from Alberta Health Services. We have implemented a series of steps to reduce or eliminate in-person contact with study participants. For example, we are using a telemedicine platform that allows BLOOM Study personnel to contact participants via teleconference in a confidential and secure manner. We are devoted to continuing with this important study during these challenging times while strictly adhering to UCalgary and Alberta Health Services guidelines for clinical research studies.

Our sincere thanks for your continued participation!

BLOOM Study Staff

Alberta BLOOM
Long Term Follow Up (LTFU) Study

On November 2020, we launched the Alberta BLOOM-LTFU Study. This study aims to learn more about the microbiome of very premature babies and how it is linked to immune development, asthma and allergies.

Where is this study taking place?

The study includes one clinic visit to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta for allergy testing. Other aspects of the study can be done from the participant’s home.


How long is the study?

We will ask infants to attend a clinic visit when they are between 12 to 24 months corrected age. The clinic visit will take about 1 hour. Parents/guardians will also be asked to collect samples from their infant and answer a questionnaire within 2 weeks of their visit.

Who can be part of the study?

Infants born before 32-weeks gestation and who have participated in the PROBIO or BLOOM Preterm Neonate and/or BLOOM Preterm Birth study(ies). We will be recruiting infants who are between 12 to 24 months corrected age.

What is being studied?

By studying allergy test results and samples collected from infants, we will greatly increase our understanding of how the gut microbiome may impact immune response in children born prematurely.