Who Can Participate in which study?

The Alberta BLOOM Premature Child (PCS) Study:
Infants born in a Calgary, Alberta hospital before 37-weeks gestation and their mothers; or participants of previous studies including Pregnancy During the Pandemic (PdP)BLOOM-LTFU, BLOOM-PTN,  and PROBIO will be invited to participate in the Alberta BLOOM Premature Child (PCS) Study.  About 405 children born preterm and 130 children born term from Alberta will take part in this study.

The Alberta BLOOM Preterm Birth (PTB) Study:
BLOOM-PTB recruits mothers who present with spontaneous preterm labour or rupture of membranes at Foothills Medical Centre before 32 weeks gestation.  Women experiencing healthy pregnancies and those with complications necessitating scheduled preterm deliveries are also recruited for BLOOM-PTB through outpatient clinics associated with the Foothills Medical Centre.